Da5id Din and Tyler Newman are musicians from two successful, but quite different music projects: din_fiv and Battery Cage.
But Informatik is more than just the simple sum of their musical philosophy.

While Tyler prefers the gut feeling approach, Da5id takes the rational road instead. Although both use vocals and instrumentation in equal parts, this is their only common ground. When making music Tyler purely follows his emotional instincts, creates atmosphere and mood to embody the feeling rather than the concept.
On the other side, Da5id provides the structure because for him the rationale is above all else. “I like exploring different directions even if the target is always the same: to discover yourself.”

The result is a unique sound that combines modern recording technology with traditional pop-music-elements.
During the last six albums, their music has developed parallel to their personality. Starting with a harsh EBM sound, Informatik spent a decade developing into a more mature and introverted style with deep vocoder vocals, dark melodies, empathetic lyrics, melodic synthesizer spaces and brilliant production quality.
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