Pride And Fall

Pride And Fall
Take Dependent Records, who With releases like "Empires" and "United States Of Mind", established themselves as the the premier purveyors of Futurepop. Take Norway, home of innovative and talented bands like Zeromancer and Apoptygma Berzerk. Put the two together, and what do you get? A promising new act from the far north by the name of PRIDE AND FALL. Where the last slew of releases from the founding fathers of the genre have been largely anticlimactic, PRIDE AND FALL have taken it upon themselves to clear the field, disposing of tired formulae in favor of new and innovative ideas, breathing new life into the Futurepop genre. A trio who came together after individually dabbling in metal, gothic, and progressive trance, PRIDE AND FALL was founded with a singular goal: to combine the disparate elements of these genres into something new and innovative, and their debut album "Nephesh" stands as a testament to their success. The demo sparked a furious bidding war, but in the end it was Dependent who were chosen to unleashing this album upon an unsuspecting world. Unlike most bands, PRIDE AND FALL have managed to craft an album which is completely devoid of filler or b-sides: every track is a potential #1 hit. "Paragon" stands its own next to well-known genre hits like "Honour"; "December" gives one "Tour de Force" a run for its money; you could go through the rest of the album in the same way. But there's one thing that all the tracks have in common: they're accessible and club-ready with excellent vocals and catchy refrains. PRIDE AND FALL are poised to recreate Futurepop in their own image - an image which will soon define the standard by which all others will be judged.

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