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An incredibly intense, dark, atmospheric release, enriched by Smith’s incomparably fragile yet aggressive vocals§§§ Like an electronic version of Joy Division, Click Click were at the forefront helping to popularize minimalist melancholy and depressive atmospheres in the 1980s. By the end of that decade, the English duo of brothers Derek and Adrian Smith had released three fantastic and groundbreaking albums and four singles, including EBM classics like “Sweet Stuff” and “I Rage I Melt”, which found a rabid cult audience in as well as beyond the electronic scene. (Even today, CD copies of their early albums never trade for less than 60 Euros on eBay)

In the summer of 2008, Click Click caused a sensation with the announcement that they would be making their back catalog available digitally and were returning to live performance. After a number of nearly sold-out club shows the following year, it was clear that the Click Click sound was as popular as ever and fans were eager for new material.

It took Click Click another year and a half to prepare their new EP/Mini-Album “Skin and Bones”. But the wait has been more than worth it: now, fourteen years after the release of their last full-length album “Shadowblack”, Click Click present a new 7 track EP/Mini-Album consisting of nearly all new material (only “Damage” has been previously released elsewhere, but is featured here in a completely new version). In contrast to the more experimental “Shadowblack” the new release includes genuine songs, all featuring Adrian Smith’s charismatic voice. An incredibly intense, dark, atmospheric release, enriched by Smith’s incomparably fragile yet aggressive vocals which were and are the thrilling trademark of Click Click. Eschewing hard, loud and overproduced for a simple, essential, urban intensity, this is electronic music for those who are willing and able to read between the lines.


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Skin And Bones

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