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Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill (Re-Release) Vinyl Gatefold LP (black)

2016-05-27 Item #: mind243
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The most successful and influential Suicide Commando Album, "Bind, Torture, Kill" will see a double vinyl re-issue on May 13th 2016 - strictly limited to 500 units.

The album, which centres around the deeds of the Infamous "BTK-Killer" serial mass murderer Dennis Rader, who used to literally bind, torture and kill his victims between 1974 and 1991. It also highlights the musical talent of Johan Van Roy, aka Suicide Commando and shows him on the peak of his skills. The wild maelstrom of Arpeggiator sequences, whipping, machinelike drums and dark vocals and lyrics turned "Bind, Torture, Kill" into a heritage hit on industrial dancefloors worldwide and inspired literally dozens of industrial copycats throughout the last decade. But the album is not only exceptional due to its sonic achievements, but also due to the quality of its photography and artwork.

Shot by renowned fetish photographer Roman Kasperski, the album campaign was accompanied by an extensive photo campaign blending artist shots and album topic together. As a witness to this exceptional artwork, the album is getting released in a luxurious gatefold cover accompanied by four rare bonus tracks, available on the last side of the double vinyl release.

Release date: 13.05.2016

Side A
1. Bind, Torture, Kill
2. Bleed For Us All
3. Conspiracy With The Devil
4. Menschenfresser (Eat Me)

Side B
5. Dead March
6. Massaker
7. Torment Me

Side C
8. Godsend (Deceased Part II)
9. We Are The Sinners
10. F*** You Bitch
11. Rader

Side D
12. Conspiracy With The Devil (Asshole Mix)
13. Torment Me (Final Punishment)
14. We Are The Sinners (Club Edit)
15. Second Death


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Suicide Commando
Bind, Torture, Kill (Re-Release)
Vinyl Gatefold LP

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