Auto Aggression

After the debut album "Geräuschinformatik" catapulted into the DAC charts in April 2005 and the tracks "3,14" and "Blau" became club standbys, it came as little suprise that the reviews were accompanied by accolades like "Newcomer of the Month" (Zillo). Now, at long last, the brand new album from the Ruhr Valley's own AutoAggression has hit the shelves. "Artefacts" moves seamlessly between ambient, club, industrial, urban, and pop styles, achieving aesthetic diversity without ever losing the trademark AutoAggression sound. Alongside mastermind Lukas Schneider, the album features guest vocals from Nives Garasevic and none other than Eskil Simonsson of Covenant fame.

The CD inlcudes a 12-page booklet and is available in stores now. Previews and legal downloads are available at the Grenzwellen Shop. You can also check out a full length track from the album absolutely free by clicking here!
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