Gary Zon, the man who is Dismantled in total, didn't care at all for electronic music until he heard Front Line Assembly and their unique brand of aggressive synthetics. In his native Russia, Zon was classically trained on piano from an early age. A move to America introduced him to his beloved Front Line Assembly, and Zon started working on his own music.

When his tracks created a buzz on www.MP3.com, Zon received offers from two of electro-industrial biggest labels, Germany's Dependent and America's Metropolis. Dismantled tracks were featured on compilations like Dependent's Septic, Vol. 2 and Dystopian's Resist the Command, Vol. 2, while a competition-winning remix of :wumpscut:'s "Wreath of Barbs" appeared on a single. Dismantled's self-titled full-length debut appeared in 2002, followed by a tour in 2003. Zon later released his bootleg mixes of Madonna and Nine Inch Nails through his website and Dismantled's sophomore effort, Post Nuclear, arrived in early 2004.
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