Formed in 2005, the Ottawa-based Canadian trio Encephalon, consisting of Matt Gifford, Sam Mainer and Alis Alias, have kept the electro-industrial underground waiting with bated breath for five long years.

Since stunning the electro world with their 2006 track "Responder“ on Septic VI, the duo have contributed tracks to no less than 7 other compilation, each of which has become an underground hit, their latest offering "Daylight“ being no exception. Encephalon have also contributed the track "Rise“ to the 2009 cyberpunk film "The Gene Generation“, the horror pic "Necromentia“ and also have a guest appearence on the new Fractured album earlier this year.

Time, then, that the Canadians put out a CD of their own, due to hit stores this fall in the form of their debut album. Focusing on themes of isolation, futurism and human evolution, "The Transhuman Condition“ is sure to bring Encephalon’s fantastically dark soundscapes to a wider audience beyond electro insiders, independent filmmakers and scene DJs. This is going to be big!
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