Originally hailing from Sweden, Tim Skold has been playing music since he was 12 years old. In his teenage years, he met a musician named Harry Cody and the duo started a long musical collaboration starting out as Kingpin, a glam metal band. After hitting #1 on the Swedish charts with the song “Shout It Out”, the band set its sights higher, and moved to Los Angeles. With the change in location came a change in name and Shotgun Messiah was born. The self titled debut album was an MTV smash, and the follow up releases Second Coming and Violent New Breed are still hailed as classics with critics and fans alike. The band dissolved after the release of Violent new Breed.

Immediately following Shotgun Messiah, Tim went on to sign with RCA Records as a solo artist. Writing all songs and playing all instruments himself, his self-titled debut album, Skold, was released in 1996.

After the solo run on RCA, Skold joined KMFDM in 1997. His first involvement with KMFDM was on the album Symbols, writing and singing on the song Anarchy, which became a hit in clubs and spawned subsequent remixes of the track done by Skold himself. KMFDM went on hiatus in 1999 and the following year, Skold and Konietzko, along with Lucia Cifarelli, reemerged as MDFMK. They released just one album: MDFMK (2000, Universal Records), before reforming KMFDM and releasing the album ATTAK on Metropolis Records.

The early 2000’s were busy for Tim Skold, and saw him making guest appearances on guitar with the Newlydeads, playing bass for Oghr, and producing and collaborating with Marilyn Manson. 2002 saw him leave KMFDM due to an obligation to produce Marilyn Mansons album The Golden Age of Grotesque. The work both in the studio and onstage with Manson lasted until 2008. As the decade approached its end, it saw Skold come full circle, and in 2009 Tim Skold and Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM released an album together, titled Skold vs. KMFDM. In addition, Skold did production and instrumentation work on KMFDMs album Blitz.

On November 3, 2009, I Will Not Forget, A Dark Star, and Bullets Ricochet were released on iTunes and Amazon as new SKOLD singles, garnering TV placement in shows like NCIS and FlashForward and rabid fan consumption. Now, SKOLD joins Metropolis Records and Dependent, kicking off 2011 with the release of the single Suck and setting the stage for the upcoming LP , the first full length SKOLD album in 15 years.
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