Black Nail Cabaret

Black Nail Cabaret
Though founded in 2008, Hungarian dark electronic pop duo Black Nail Cabaret seem to have come out of the blue only recently. The band, consisting of Emese Arvai-Illes (vocals) and Krisztian Arvai (music), self-released a digital EP ("Butterflies") and first full-length ("Emerald City") in 2011 and 2012 respectively before raising eyebrows as opener on Camouflage's 2015 tour. An exceptionally strong live act, they went on to release two amazing, now sought-after albums on Daniel Myer's (Haujobb) label Basic Unit Productions and, most recently in 2018, "Pseudopop" besides several singles throughout the years. 2020 sees the release of their Dependent debut "Gods Verging On Sanity".

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