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Their first three albums took the electronic music scene by storm, but for, it all started with an unsuspecting demo they sent to Dependent Records in 2003. The five songs, submitted on a simple CD-R, captured A&R Stefan Herwig for weeks, as they had in spades what most electronic industrial artists were lacking: originality, complex sequences, hypnotic harmonies and haunting, in turn vocoded and distorted vocals. For open-minded listeners, an entirely new musical universe unfolded therein - the Dreamweb of

"Lost Alone" (2004) found its audience fast: Its cinematic mix between fresh sounds, vocals somewhere between techno pop, trance, eighties and industrial could hardly be ignored and awarded with various "album Of the Month" titles. Thus, the brainchild of Austrian videogame addicts and composers Stefan Poiss (music) and Markus Hadwiger (lyrics) instantly created its own niche instantly.

The lush compositions were complemented by an involved sci-fi story included in the album booklet and partially narrated on the duo's website: "Dreamweb", a "Matrix"-like tale of surveillance and escape into other dimensions, began expanding beyond its first rough draft on "Lost Alone" into a universe of its own on succeeding albums "Dreamweb"(2005) and especially "Crossroads" (2007), all crowned by stunning conceptual artworks of renowned illustrator Ingo Römling.

These three masterpieces are now available for the first time on vinyl in gatefold double LP editions with the original designs, released both individually and in one package. The limited box set "The Dreamweb Trilogy" includes three large artprints with illustrations from the albums and an exclusively coloured vinyl edition with bonus tracks on two of the three records.

- limited to 300 copies
- all albums on gatefold 2LP with original artwork
- blue-coloured vinyl exclusive to the box, "Lost Alone" with etching
- bonus tracks on "Dreamweb" and "Crossroads" taken from the deleted singles "Certainty" and "What Used To Be"
- large-format, cover-sized artprints and special artwork derived from the original designs

Tracklist: Crossroads
01. Introspection
02. Amnesia
03. Into the Night
04. Identity
05. Lucid Dreams 1
06. Fear
07. Stalkers
08. What Used to Be
09. The Place
10. Redefined
11. Lucid Dreams 2
12. Crossroads
13. Run for Your Life

Bonus tracks:
14. What Used To Be (Short Storm)
15. What Used To Be (Long Storm)
16. One Day (unreleased)
17. What Used To Be (Peter Rainmans Turning Point Mix)

Tracklist: Dreamweb
01. Tape Evidence
02. Certainty
03. Lament for Lost Dreams
04. Machine Run
05. Loyalty
06. Sun and Storm
07. Out of Time
08. Dead End
09. The Dream
10. Reflections
11. Between Worlds
12. Escape

Bonus tracks:
13. Certainty (miab.alien.mix)
14. Beyond The World (Original Version)
15. Certainty (Remix by Thee Hyphen)
16. Unicorn (Pro Version)

Tracklist: Lost Alone
01. Light & Dark
02. Change
03. Falling
04. You Will See
05. Questions
06. Waiting
07. Lost Alone
08. Walking
09. Take My Soul
10. Forever Gone
11. Lost Alone 2
12. Leave

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