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Black Nail Cabaret - Chrysanthemum

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The beautiful chrysanthemum in its humble white form is also known as the cemetery flower as it is often used to adorn graves for its longevity. For BLACK NAIL CABARET, the chrysanthemum's blossom paves the way for our own deathbed portraits. We know that the grim reaper will come to us all and bring the end, which turns us into fear-filled jars. Our jar could be filled with so many other things but fear permeates all. The eponymous "Chrysanthemum" of the Hungarian pop noire duo's sixth album symbolises an uprising against that but also acceptance. Although BLACK NAIL CABARET remain true to their marked penchant for sexually explicit provocation, the primal, subconscious fear of death that triggers emotions, anxiety, and the fear of letting go is also a red thread running through the album that is metaphorically named "Chrysanthemum". The eroticism of the Hungarians has always avoided cheap clichés. Instead the duo artistically depicts their living BDSM reality, which is framed by high aesthetic standards. Musically, BLACK NAIL CABARET have brought their outstanding songwriting abilities closer to perfection. On "Chrysanthemum", the duo is seemingly effortless blending dark electronic sounds with pop noire elements. Their talent to write songs that can stand on their own and do not rely on electronic trickery has set BLACK NAIL CABARET apart from their peers. At the latest on their self-released full-length "Pseudopop" (2018), the Hungarians had successfully fused art, pop, dark harmonies, and powerful electronics. BLACK NAIL CABARET continued to hit the international scene with their fifth album "Gods Verging on Sanity" in 2020. The duo's excellent reputation rapidly spread through word of mouth even though the global pandemic enforced severe limitations upon them. Now the stars have all aligned, and BLACK NAIL CABARET are ready to take on the world with a dark soundtrack of life's glory that is symbolised by a shiny white flower of seeming innocence that at closer inspection also carries all the eternal might of death in its scent: "Chrysanthemum".

01. My Home Is Empty
02. Autogenic
03. Totem and Taboo
04. Never Enough
05. Neurons
06. 1mg
07. Darkness Is A Friend
08. Godspeed
09. Roadtrip
10. Teach Me How To Techno
11. The Faceless Boy

Bonus tracks (only artbook):
01.Remains of A StarGone Supernova
02.The Killing
04.Autogenic (Die Arkitekt Remix)

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