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2nd Face - utOpium Book 2-CD

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2ND FACE mastermind Vincent Uhlig has far surpassed the huge expectations stoked by the acclaimed debut album "Nemesis" with his sophomore full-length "utOpium". The certified German sound magician has created a multi-layered masterpiece that does not just feed pure ear-candy to audiophiles as any headphone-test will confirm, but also thrills with excellent songwriting and lyrical depth. The sound of "utOpium" is highly transparent and detailed yet at the same time aggressive and powerful, which perfectly fits the industrial genre, in which 2ND FACE operate and push the limits. Uhlig has invested five years of blood, sweat, and tears into this monster of an album. His work displays an obvious respect for industrial scene. The darkness of the Belgian school has left an audible mark in the sound of 2ND FACE yet also notes of SKINNY PUPPY, and even a knife tip of avant-garde pioneers TOOL. While referencing the industrial tradition, Uhlig also steers his own course, which for example manifests in his use of an EMS Synthi AKS and PPG-300 modular system inherited from his father – the krautrock pioneer Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig (MURPHY BLEND, HANUMAN). Lyrically, "utOpium" takes a deep dive through the human mind and embarks on a philosophical journey to self-awareness. 2ND FACE also hold a a subtle mirror to society, which is fragmenting while collectively opting for (social) media self-hypnosis in the face of climate change and war. 2ND FACE were conceived by Vincent Uhlig in the German city of Mainz, capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate, in 2014. The 2017 debut full-length "Nemesis" was widely regarded as a "newcomer of the year" and did not only receive much praise from critics but also sold particularly well. With the EP "Nihilum", 2ND FACE confirmed their exceptional talent and status as fast-rising new stars on the industrial sky. With "utOpium", 2ND FACE achieve another quantum jump in quality and the sound of the album is bound to become a benchmark of the industrial genre for years to come. Put on your headphones, crank up your speakers, and let "utOpium" detonate into your ears!

01. Momentum
02. formula Extinction
03. Vox Irae
04. Mydriasis
05. life(l)over
06. Underneath the Silence
07. aether
08. 1 of the Others
09. Public Enemy
10. faith

Bonus tracks (artbook only:
01. egoSpectre
02. Sainted Ground Fading (2k18 Demo)
03. Black Dust (2k18 Demo)
04. Sublunar (2k19 Demo)
05. Terminus (2k20 Demo)
06. 1 of the Others (Director's Cut)

2CD Book (36 pages, hardcover, 18x18cm) incl. bonus Bonus CD “DystOpium” Bonus CD with 6 bonus tracks (limited, 500 copies available)

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