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Mesh - Automation Baby CD

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A killer record, killer production and killer songs. That’s Automation Baby!

„Confirm, Obey, Consume“: when John Carpenter directed “They Live” in 1988, he chose an utopian view on a blind consumer-society in which only his protagonist could decipher advertisements as imperatives with the above mentioned messages. 25 years later, this utopian view seems to have become the new common sense of the Facebook-generation.

Mesh used this notion in “Automation Baby” as the main theme of their new album: Let’s exchange real-life friends with the virtual ones behind an ever-shining screen. Let’s give in to a brave new Facebook- world that warp and constitute our sense of reality in the future. Let’s give in to consumerism and technology: That’s Automation Baby!

3  Years after their previous album “A Perfect Solution”, MESH return with their latest offering that can be deemed as one of their absolutely strongest releases yet. Mesh delivers a sonic upgrade conceived by the Duo Mark Hockings and Rich Silverthorn, created together with producer Olaf Wollschläger, showcasing an improved production and some amazing arrangements. “Automation Baby” delivers one highlight after the other: The crunchy and hard “Taken For Granted” meets the rhythmical midtempo hymn “Adjust Your Set” and the club-oriented “What’s Owed To You”, providing that the bands single “Born To Lie” was not the only winner on this album.

However, songs like calm and laidback “You Could Not See This Coming” or the ultimately catchy title track “Automation Baby” show that the backbones of the MESH-qualities remain strong songs and unforgettable hooklines. The title track is so strong that MESH decided to include an own 5 track single along with the limited edition of the album. A killer record, killer production and killer songs. That’s Automation Baby!

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