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V.A. - Dependent Club Anthems CD

25.02.2011 Item #: mind177 Dependent
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15 monster hits – remastered but original mixes

The products of the Dependent sound forge have often been used as a reference standard for electro-industrial music. Founded in 1999, the Gelsenkirchen-based label has chalked up some 150 successful releases to date. To celebrate the first decade of Dependent, we’re proud to announce this collection of the biggest electro-industrial clubhits from the past ten years.

All of the tracks included here are proven dancefloor killers and continue to find favor with the biggest DJs in the scene, each one a timeless classic guaranteed to pack the floor at the most popular clubs. Each of these hits contributed to the breakthrough of artists like Covenant, Rotersand, Suicide Commando, VNV Nation, Dismantled , Edge Of Dawn, Pride And Fall, Seabound and Straftanz and stands out as the absolute highlight of their live performances, as anyone who has seen the fan reaction to the first notes of “Der Leiermann” at a Covenant concert or “Hellraiser” at a Suicide Commando gig can attest. While each track is featured here in its original club-ready form, the compilation was mastered to 2011 standards for an added punch.

Short and sweet: from 25 February you can find 15 monster hits – remastered but original mixes – on a single CD that truly earns the title of “Dependent – Club Anthems”.

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